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[Begin with Barakah] Happiness Boosters & Blissciplines

So I’ve come to a realisation that the tasks you choose for your daily tracker are not just important, but critical to making sure you get the most out of the system. What do I mean? Meaning that if you’re like me, you might have filled your tracker with things you ‘need’ to do, as in responsibilities commitments and other requirements. Which isn’t bad, but the challenge that arose was that it wasn’t necessarily filling…

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[Begin with Barakah] – What exactly are Affirmations? How do they work?

  You’ve probably gotten started on your Begin with Barakah journey, (or are just about to), so to help you make the most of the system, I wanted to talk a little bit more about Affirmations; specifically what they do and how they work. My aim is to make sure you’re fully on board, and that you understand what you’re trying to achieve through using Affirmations. I understand that Begin with Barakah may not be something you decide…

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