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Recite & Reflect is a project by Sumayah Hassan that offers Quranic Reflection content and courses for women looking to take their relationship with the Quran to the next level.

"I was missing the spirit. I was looking for the Quran that impacts my heart. The Quran that talks to me specifically. The Quran that changes me, from the inside out, into a better human being."

Our Story

For some time now, I’ve been looking for ways to connect with the Quran in a more meaningful way. Like many students of the Quran, I began by learning to recite with correct tajweed, started my memorization and even studied some tafseer in-depth and independently. I still felt there was more to it than the academic/intellectual or linguistic study of the Quran. I was missing the spirit. I was looking for the Quran that impacts my heart. The Quran that talks to me specifically. The Quran that changes me, from the inside out, into a better human being.

It turns out, that there was a step I was missing: Reflection. Quranic Reflection is the step after understanding, that leads to application. Reflection makes the message of the Quran personal. Reflection helped me relate, connect, benefit and come up with actions points for improving myself and my life in general.

Having seen first-hand the immense benefit that comes from building a personal relationship with the Quran, and how much I’ve learned on my own journey; I’ve set out — after seeking Allah’s help and guidance — to help others find what I’ve found.

The Recite & Reflect workshops, content, and resources are specifically designed to help people connect with the Quran on a personal level, relate it to their everyday lives and develop themselves through its teachings. To help them ask the right questions, derive lessons and come up with action points, that become the first steps of their journey to being transformed by the Quran.

By Allah (swt)’s mercy and favor alone, reflecting on the Quran in this way has proven helpful and greatly beneficial to myself and those who have experienced it.

And, it’s my hope that you too can use it as a jumping off point for your own reflections, and share it with others who might find it useful on their own journey towards understanding, living and being transformed by the Quran.

Jazakum Allahu khairan for reading!



Our Founder

As the founder of Recite & Reflect, Sumayah aims to redefine the way the Quran is experienced. Since discovering the power of reflection, she has dedicated herself to teaching Quranic reflection, and making it simple and accessible to everyone. In her first book, ’50 Reflections on the Quran’, she shares insight into the process of reflection by sharing different ayat from the Quran and corresponding reflections.

Originally from the U.S., she moved to Egypt in the early 90’s. After 9 years in Cairo, she returned to the U.S. where she completed a B.Sc. in Biology and a Masters in Business Administration. Sumayah holds a diploma in Usool At-Tafsir & Uloom Al-Quran (Fundamentals of Quranic Exegesis and Sciences of the Quran) and is studying Advanced Quranic Tafsir Studies with Shaykh Dr. Mohammad Akram Nadwi at the Cambridge Islamic College.

Our Purpose

To transform our relationship with the Quran as individuals, families and a community, through Quranic reflection, so that we can follow its teachings and benefit from its wisdom in our everyday lives. For more on this, check out this interview with Sumayah by YouthlyHub, titled: Using the Qur’an to Mentor You Through Life

Our Beliefs

  • We take a holistic approach to our connection with the Quran. It isn’t a practice, it’s a lifestyle.
  • We believe in making the content & courses we wish were out there when we started.
  • We know this is a journey, it’s about growth. We embrace that we’re all wonderful works-in-progress, and so is this project.

Our Projects

  • Recite & Reflect: Quranic reflection workshops and content.
  • The Quran Clinic: Recitation coaching [Tajweed]
  • Iman Illustrated: A creative Quran journaling community.
  • Begin with Barakah: Lifestyle and productivity initiative.