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Paula Lay on Youtube under 'yogainmelbourne'

Paula Lay on Youtube under ‘yogainmelbourne’

So I’ve come to a realisation that the tasks you choose for your daily tracker are not just important, but critical to making sure you get the most out of the system.

What do I mean? Meaning that if you’re like me, you might have filled your tracker with things you ‘need’ to do, as in responsibilities commitments and other requirements. Which isn’t bad, but the challenge that arose was that it wasn’t necessarily filling my cup.

Achievement feels great, but it isn’t everything. Some of those ‘required’ tasks need to be counterbalanced by ‘fun’, ‘enriching’ or ‘soul-nourishing’ items. Some refer to them as blissciplines or happiness boosters.

Some examples of happiness boosters for me are: Warm drinks (on a cold morning), walks in the park, reading a good book, yoga, creativity (colouring, drawing, doodling etc.), reciting from the Quran with no particular number of pages or target quantity in mind ( not rushed, or pressed for time), gratitude journaling etc.

So while these things aren’t exactly ‘work’, they make me happy. When I feel like I’ve done something for me, I’m a lot more willing to do the things I ‘need’ to do. I need to fit more of those in, because all work and no play makes Sumayah a dull girl 🙂

Check her videos out here if Yoga is your thing. What I personally like about her videos is that they run from 10, 15, 25 minutes long. We can all find 10 minutes right?

You can begin doing the basic one for a month or so, and when you’re ready you can upgrade to a longer and more advanced sequence. I find her voice to be calming and the postures build on each other, in most videos all you need is a mat. So, starting with 10 minutes and moving up you’ll be more familiar with what she’s doing inshallah.

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