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Begin with Barakah™

Master your mornings, make the most of every day

Begin with Barakah is a planning and organization system that I’ve put together to help me make the most of my time. It’s essentially a breakdown of my morning routine and the system I use to plan, and manage my time by mastering my mornings. I’ve broken it down into articles, audio, tips and tools for you to download and use, to help you get going inshallah. 

The aim behind this system, including the Purpose Planner, Affirmation & Visualization worksheets and Daily Tracker, is to help you master your mornings and take control of your days, and ultimately your life inshallah. It’s about making time for the things you really want to be a part of your life. From reciting the Quran, to daily exercise, to journaling, blogging or just breathing.

This audio gives you a rundown of how it works by Sumayah from Recite & Reflect, and my guest and dear friend, Nilly.

Enjoy 🙂


Get Started It's FREE

There’s no better time than now, to get your schedule in order and start making the most of your time. Download the empty and ready to fill Purpose Planner, Affirmation & Visualization worksheets as well as the daily Tracker for the month of September 2016 below.

In the Excel and Numbers versions each of these items is on a different tab.

PDF: Download 
Excel Format: Download 
Mac – Numbers: Download


See How it Works

Still not sure how to do this? Get a better idea of how this works by downloading the pre-filled samples below, which includes the Purpose Planner, Monthly Challenge, Affirmations, Visualizations and Dua worksheets, as well as the Daily Tracker for the month of September, 2016.

Sample PDF: Download 

Sample Excel Spreadsheet: Download (editable)

Sample Mac/Numbers: Download (editable)


Join the Community

You don’t have to do this alone. Join a group of others on the journey to mastering their mornings too, check out the Begin with Barakah facebook group here:


Have a question?

If you aren’t on facebook or instagram and have an questions or would like a clarification email