50 Reflections on the Quran

New Quran journaling challenge on the 50 ayat in the book. Join the challenge now to receive the weekly posts & updates.  Starting January 14th. 

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What readers are saying

“I’m looking forward to reading it again and again – because it’s one to keep on the nightstand, one to take on travels, one to read on those rainy days – It’s something that can be shared with loved ones, with children, with our parents and our spouses. 

I love when a book is written out of love and fear of Allah, because the reader senses it and it then awakens their own love and fear of the One they love dearly too.”

— umm y2, gilded dunya

50 Reflections Quran
Journaling Challenge

I wanted to celebrate all of you who have gotten my book already, and figured why not make the next challenge one where we cover 50 ayat in the 50 remaining weeks of 2019 inshallah, starting on January 14th.

That’s 50 ayat on varying topics and you’ll already have some reflections to work with; so you aren’t starting from scratch. This is a perfect challenge for those of us who’ve wanted to start Quran Journaling but weren’t sure how.

Also, one of the things you might have noticed about the layout of my book is that there’s ample white space around the margins to draw, doodle, take notes or write thoughts. let’s share those posts with each other on instagram & facebook using the hashtag  #50Reflections  and be sure to tag me in your posts  @recitereflect  

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January 2019

I just watched the Week 1 video and I love it a lot, Masha'Allah. I finally feel that I have something positive in 2019. I can safely say my year has started Subhan Allah.
QJ Challenge participant
I really like the challenge, as I have your book and wanted to work on it every week. I have never reflected on any Ayat before and this is a good chance to start.
QJ Challenge participant
I just finished my Week 1 reflections and so happy to see Week 2 out already. Jazakillah for doing this I feel like it's been tailor made for what I've been searching for for so long.
QJ Challenge participant

One Ayah per week

A year with the Quran

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