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The scholar Sheikh bin Uthaymeen, may Allah have mercy on him said: In Ramadan some of the people of knowledge would have a specific notebook with them while reciting the Quran.

· Any time they would read an ayah that would make them stop or has many meanings they would write it down and ponder its meaning. They would leave Ramadan with much goodness from understanding the Quran.

· He said I once saw a small notebook that belonged to Sheikh Abdul Ar Rahman As Sa’ady may Allah have mercy on him. In Ramadan he would write in this notebook while reading the Quran. When he would stop at an ayah, he would reflect on it and do taddabur. He would write benefits for the ayah which I have not found in any tafseer, subhan Allah.

· Ibn Al Qayyim may Allah have mercy on him said whomever wants guidance then let him reflect and do taddabur of the Quran. And his sheikh, Ibn Taymiyah may Allah have mercy on him said: whomever does taddabur of the Quran seeking guidance then the true path is made clear to him. He said there are two conditions though: taddabur and seeking guidance. Because there are those who do taddabur but not with the intention of seeking guidance, rather they just want to know the meaning of the Quran only, subhan Allah.

· You want the Quran to be a light for you making the true path clear to you. May Allah (swt) open the taddabur of the Quran for us and guide us. Ameen.


الكافية الشافية في الانتصار للفرقة الناجية – للإمام ابن القيم ، شرح العلامة محمد بن صالح العثيمين ( ١/ ٥٠٣- ٥٠٤

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