Assalamu alaikum,

I’m Sumayah. A Quran teacher, author, mentor and founder of Recite & Reflect, a project dedicated to helping women connect with the Quran.

What We do

Most people want a deep connection with the Quran, but are confused about how to get it.

We’ve created a simple system to help you develop a personally meaningful relationship with Allah (swt) and His Book. Our Six Step framework is dedicated to getting you from inconsistency & procrastination to the peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment that comes with living life intimately connected to the Quran. 

What We Believe​

The Quran is for Everyone

We believe that everyone deserves a relationship with the Quran and a connection to their Creator. We’re dedicated to helping you create that.

Constantly Learning

We love the Quran and enjoy teaching it. We’re obsessive about learning, growing and going above and beyond for you, ourselves and our community.​

Making a Difference

You’re the reason we are here. Working with you helps us create meaningful change in this world, and insha’Allah a legacy for the hereafter.


Our Founder

My name is Sumayah Hassan and I help women transform their relationship with the Quran from one of inconsistency and confusion into a deeply-meaningful and personal connection.

In 2015, I founded Recite & Reflect and created the first ever women’s online Quranic Reflection workshop taught in the English language. (The Recite & Reflect Online Workshop).  As I write this, in December 2018, our work has transformed the lives of over 300+ women around the world. Alhamdulillah.

Over a decade of experience teaching Quran gave me a unique understanding of the dynamics involved with guiding students from the beginning of their journey to helping them create a lasting relationship with the Book of Allah.  Most importantly, I discovered what brought the heart back into engaging with the Quran day after day – which is the secret to life-changing transformation.

From there, I decided to make it my work to revive the art of Quranic reflection, especially among non-Arabic speaking women. Together with my students we moved from feeling guilty and inadequate, often viewing the Quran in a solely academic, linguistic and technical light (with lots of confusion and sometimes even fear and intimidation), to having the clarity and confidence to reflect on the Quran for themselves, and see their lives in its stories and ayat.

Their sense of spiritual fulfillment soared, and they were able to become more consistent, gaining back the peace of mind and sense of connection to Allah (awj) that they were making dua for.

That led to the one-to-one mentoring and group courses that I now offer to driven women who want the same kind of connection and ability to relate to the Quran, without the fear of being criticised for imperfect recitation or the tension of having to master the Arabic language first. 

My students know first hand that I am not some perfectionist preaching theoretical ideas that look great on paper and have no bearing on real life. I know what it feels like to need answers to the hardships I am going through, leaving me feeling alone and disconnected. I’ve had my heart broken and filled with love. I’ve fallen many times and risen with Allah’s help and favor, and I’ll continue to fall. I’ve come to see faith as a tool to get through those tough times and grow closer to Allah as we do that.

External displays have their place, but the heart of the matter is in creating a real connection to the Quran that can carry us through storms. Every single one of us deserves to have that connection and to know Allah (awj) in a way that comes through for us when we need it the most. 

I love nothing more than teaching Quran, and this work lights up my soul.  I quickly realized, the more women I am able to reach, the more impact I can have.  Many of the students that have benefitted from our programs are mothers, teachers and leaders. When they learn how to see their lives through the light of the Quran and model what a healthy relationship with its message looks like, it has a positive ripple effect on their children, students, friends and those around them. 

That’s why I’m SO passionate about sharing this experience with women who want more meaning from their relationship with the Quran.

So whether you want to make more of a connection for yourself, or learn how to guide your children or students to do the same, I’ll show you the fastest and easiest way to develop a lasting connection to the Quran using our simple six step framework. To start on your journey, be sure to sign up for the next Online Workshop.

What Makes Recite & Reflect So Different?

Looking for More

The Recite & Reflect program is revolutionary because it teaches you how to progress beyond recitation and learning Tajweed, and create a uniquely personal and profoundly meaningful connection to the Quran. And women that create a deep relationship with the Quran transform their lives.

Eliminate Confusion

We know how overwhelming it is to feel confused about where to start, and have helped hundreds of women make remarkable progress. When you discover and apply our simple framework to finding personally-relevant meaning in the message of the Quran, your life will transform for the better.

Connect & Engage

It's human nature to feel like giving up when you've signed up for several different Quran programs over the years with no real progress. We know how it feels to have repeatedly tried and failed to get the results you desperately want. Our work has proven that once you apply our simple framework, your level of connection and engagement with the Quran will grow dramatically.

Six Simple Steps

The Recite & Reflect Workshop is taught by Sumayah Hassan, creator of the six steps framework. Sumayah has studied Tajweed, Tafseer extensively and taught Quran for over a decade. As such she is well-versed in how to approach the Quran the way it has been practiced and passed down for centuries.

Real & Relevant Experience

The six step framework was actually created to help her build a heartfelt relationship with the Quran, and the process resulted in her finding a depth of engagement and sense of connection she'd never found before. Since then, she’s gone on to teach this system to hundreds of women around the world.

Hundreds of Success Stories

Scores of women around the world have found a real connection to the Quran using the Recite & Reflect system. But, how can you know if you are doing it right? The answer is to sign up for our online workshop or attend one of our live events.

A little about

Sumayah Hassan

Sumayah Hassan is the founder of Recite & Reflect. She’s also the author of 50 Reflections on the Quran, a co-host of Honest Tea Talk and the voice behind the Sincerely, Sumayah podcast. Her work has helped women around the world create a personally meaningful connection to the Quran. 

Hassan completed her Bachelor’s degree & MBA, and more recently a Diploma in The Fundamentals of Tafsir & Sciences of the Quran at Cambridge Islamic College. 

Sumayah teaches online Quranic reflection workshops in which 300+ women have dramatically increased their level of connection and created a soul-nourishing relationship with the Quran. 

In her teacher’s words…

“It is with the utmost pleasure and enthusiasm that I give my whole-hearted recommendation for Ustaadha Sumayah Hassan. I can attest to her high proficiency in Recitation and the rules of Recitation of the Qur’an as I had the pleasure of teaching her for two years. Her attention to the details of the rules and ability to research and her massive resources made her excel to the top student I’ve had the pleasure of teaching. What impresses me most about Sumayah is her ability to connect Qur’an and Tajweed in a practical way to help increase the relationship with Allah and His words. Her motivation and commitment to studying the book of Allah can be seen clearly through her ability to teach and reflect upon the Qur’an. She’s invested time, money and endless amounts of energy sitting at the feet of the best reciters and teachers of the Qur’an.

I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to learn from her to take advantage and use it as an opportunity for growth and closeness to Allah. You won’t regret it!”

Ustaadh Omar Khan

Certified in the ten variant recitations and awarded an Ijazah of Memorization of the Quran (Shatibiyyah & Durrah)

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