iilogosmIman Illustrated is a Quranic reflection and journaling community.

We are an open community of Muslim sisters who journal together. If you are interested in exploring Quranic reflection in a creative way, regardless of your artistic ability or previous experience then this is a good place to start, inshallah.

Our Mission

Iman Illustrated features Quranic reflection and journaling inspiration, resources, and studies. As a group, we reflect on the Quran, its surahs, stories, or particular themes.

Our posts and studies aim to give you the inspiration and support you need to journal your way through understanding, and reflecting on the Words of your Creator.

Our Studies

Iman Illustrated is a project of Recite & Reflect, which creates the Surah Studies or Study resources that our community reflects on and journals together. Weekly prompts are posted on the Facebook group and shared on instagram with their hashtag, on Mondays. For those who prefer a more in-depth study, our downloadable eBooks (coming soon– Inshallah) provide a more detailed background, list the themes, and highlight points from the (Tafseer) commentary on the ayat.

Iman Illustrated Community Guidelines

These are the guidelines we use to keep this community welcoming, inclusive, and enjoyable for everyone inshallah. Click here to join the Iman Illustrated facebook group.

We aim to be a positive, inclusive, non-judgmental space. I understand that faith is a very beautiful thing that many of us want to share. My rule of thumb for this group will be: encourage, don’t admonish. Belief is a personal journey that is different for all of us. If someone doesn’t practice their faith in the same way you do, please refrain from ‘teaching and preaching’ – i.e. imposing your view on others. We want to be a space that is free from judgment or anger, and posts that contradict that premise will be deleted. If this is not something that you are comfortable with, then you are most welcome to go elsewhere!

      • In the spirit of the above guideline, I ask that any posts of political nature not be shared in this group. Political postings will be removed.
      • It is perfectly fine to share your heart and your difficulties with the challenges and with Quran journaling. However, if I see any rude comments, name-calling, or unkindness towards posters in the group, both the post and its author will be removed.
      • Random reminders, unrelated forwards and shares or threads that are deemed off-topic will be removed.
      • Please do not use this space to buy, promote, sell, giveaway, or trade. Posts of this nature will be removed.
      • Last but not least, this is a sisters-only community. I’ve got nothing against my brothers but it’s a lot easier for us to be candid and feel at home with just the ladies included.

We reserve the right to change or add to these guidelines at any time, so please check back occasionally!

Jazakum Allahu khairan,


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