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How can you realistically keep up your regular reflection and continue to develop your connection with the Quran?

After experiencing the Recite & Reflect workshop sisters feel inspired, excited and moved to take action. They leave as newly-minted members of Team Tadabbur fiercely determined to make the sincere effort to actively reflect and connect with the Quran. But, like most things that start off remarkably motivating, there’s a good chance, that just as the feeling will inevitably wear off, so will the practice.

What if you could become part of a unique community of sisters that actively engage, celebrate and support each other on their Quran Journeys? Well, you’re in the right place. Team Tadabbur is a steadily growing, tight-knit group of dedicated sisters with a shared passion for understanding and connecting with the Quran. They’ve committed to understanding the Words of Allah, thinking about the message of the Quran and finding ways to change their lives through its teachings.

Quran + Continuity = Qontinuity

Qontinuity is a subscription membership program by Recite & Reflect, open to all workshop attendees, who are looking for more. Think of it like a sort of Quranic reflection book club, where you study passages of the Quran with a group of sisters and participate in an ongoing guided discussion. The program also includes monthly online live classes, as well as in-person events and meetups.

What started as a community built around the practice of Quranic reflection, has evolved into a space for learning, sharing, discussing; and most importantly connecting with the Quran. 

The membership package, includes:


Access interactive online live-sessions with Sumayah once a month, and you can learn on your laptop, tablet or mobile. If you can’t make it, you can catch up on the recordings later.


Join the Recite & Reflect messaging and sharing platform and take part in a guided discussion, study and analysis of the Quran, just like in the workshop; while sharing your reflections with your classmates.


Stay connected with the original group of sisters from your workshop. The sisterhood and company makes it the type of learning that doesn’t just nourish you intellectually, but spiritually and socially too.


Great food, conversation and company inshallah. Get exclusive access to early registration for Recite & Reflect events, meetups, workshops and courses.

Qontinuity Membership FAQ

• What exactly is Qontinuity?

It’s a subscription based membership program for sisters interested in an ongoing study of the Quran combining both understanding (Tafseer) and reflection (Tadabbur). Qontinuity is only available to Team Tadabbur members.

• Who are the people behind it?

It’s my project, (Sumayah Hassan) and there’s no organization funding it or external body involved with it.

• Who are Team Tadabbur members?

Any sister who attends my workshop in person or online, who wants to be part of the Recite & Reflect community, is a member of Team Tadabbur.

• Why isn’t it open to the public?

It is, if that member of the public takes the workshop or course and learns the basics, then they’re most welcome to join inshallah.

• Why do they need to take the workshop or course first?

Taking the course or attending the workshop helps sisters develop a common language and puts everyone on the same page with regards to defining, understanding, and applying the process of reflecting on the Quran.

• I haven’t attended any workshops or such, so do I qualify to join?

Inshallah I’m doing the online course next, so yes you and all the sisters who can’t make it in person, can join and benefit.

• Is there anyone who is educated in Tafseer to make sure no one takes things out of context or misunderstands something?

It’s great that you asked, it shows that you care about the quality of what you’re learning. That’s part of why it’s limited to sisters who have attended the workshop. We discussed the role of Tafseer at length, and have emphasized getting a solid background from authentic sources before doing any reflecting on your own. In the absence of that, it becomes a free-for-all and there’s a good chance things will get crazy.

I am currently studying Tafseer Alhamdulillah, but I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination. This isn’t an academic program, the point is to get sisters thinking and talking about what the Quran means to them in their daily lives and to take the focus of the conversation from just tajweed and sounds to meaning and impact.

• How does the subscription actually work?

You can pay monthly or annually with your card via PayPal which will automatically charge you per cycle (monthly or annually).

• What if it’s not for me? Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Absolutely. If you’ve signed up for an annual subscription you’ll be refunded the amount for the remaining months.

• What parts of the Quran will we cover in this program?

The Qontinuity program works through small chunks of the Quran every day. I’ve tried to break up the passages in meaningful ways, while still keeping each day’s reading manageable. The plan is to start with the 30th Juz’ because it’s the most widely read, and taught. Since the live class is once a month it’s up to members to pace themselves to make the most of the time they have.

• Why do this online?

It’s convenient. With our hectic lives and busy schedules, being able to learn, study, discuss and connect from the comfort of your own home makes it possible for many sisters to benefit.

• What if I want to keep my reflections to myself?

That’s perfectly fine. You aren’t obligated to share, only if you’re comfortable doing so.

• Will I get access to resources such as translations or commentaries?

We are in an ongoing process of looking for new resources to add to our library. As those resources become available we will notify members and tell them how to get their hands on them inshallah.

• What if I fall behind on my study and reflections?

The beauty of being part of community and having direct access to your sisters via the messaging and discussion platform, is that they’ll support you while you get up to speed. You’ll also have access to the class recordings, plus seeing your sisters making progress will hopefully motivate you to keep up in the future.

• When can I sign up to join?

Subscription hasn’t opened yet. Scroll all the way to the bottom and sign up to the mailing list below, to be the first to know when you can get started inshallah.