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Answer: Two things

  • 1) I’m not in a position to pass judgement on anyone’s work out of my own opinion as I’m not a Student of Knowledge or a Scholar to say so, I’m just sharing what my teachers have mentioned on this matter in passing.
  • 2) Broadly speaking, there’s no ‘in’ and ‘out’ list for Tafasir because they’re a man-written commentary on the Quran:They will have shortcomings and faults – human nature – , you just turn to specific ones for particular aspects of understanding the Quran.

    Saying we should avoid this book or that work, because it has a fault, would mean we’d end up shutting ourselves in our homes, closing our eyes and ears for fear of being led astray. Forget the black and white understanding of people and their work, and look for the objective point of view. Put your trust in Allah (awj), work hard to learn what is correct and everything that’s thrown at you that isn’t correct will fall away from there.

  • As a rule of thumb, learn what’s right, think for yourself, when in serious doubt: ask.

    There’s a movement of intellectual insecurity, slander and finger-pointing- cloaked under the guise of piety and caution- that is stunting the learning and development of many Muslims because they’re being told who to listen to and who to avoid and who’s an innovator and who’s blasphemous. I’m all for Muslims learning to think for themselves and build a foundation of correct understanding and solid knowledge so no one can come along and pull-the-wool so to speak.

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