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The Quran Clinic

One-to-one recitation coaching for sisters

The Quran Clinic™ offers one-to-one, laser-focused, recitation coaching. No long sessions, just a weekly 5 minute recording of your recitation. No more feeling overwhelmed with loads of Tajweed rules and definitions.

Fine-tune your recitation by working on the problem areas that need your attention. Lightweight and super easy. Let’s make you a more confident and proficient reciter.

How does The Quran Clinic work?

1) Record your recitation (5 min)

2) Submit your audio recording.

3) Receive the audio Feedback

4) Practice and implement the corrections

What are the requirements?

You need to be able to read the Quran in Arabic, recognizing the letters. If you’ve taken tajweed classes/course in the past that’s even better. The aim is to fine-tune and correct your already functional recitation. It isn’t ideal for those starting from scratch. If you’re unsure, apply and we’ll take it from there inshallah.

How much is it to join?

The Quran Clinic is completely FREE to join.

I would however encourage you, while it’s not required, it’s my hope and humble request that you’ll consider contributing to the Hifz Orphan campaign, by Penny Appeal. Sponsor orphans and help them complete their memorization of the Quran. For more details and to donate, visit:

How can I join the Quran Clinic?

Fully booked, you can still get on the waiting list

Joining the Quran Clinic is by application only (including an assessment) and requires real commitment. If you aren’t realistically willing to do the work, it won’t  be a fruitful experience for you. I’m willing to give my 100% and expect at least as much from you. Spaces are limited, above that will be added to the waiting list.

The Quran Clinic is for doers, if that sounds like you, apply below.

A sample of what the feedback sounds like. Original submission isn't included, but just so you get the idea.