Quran Dream #1

qdreams1My ideal relationship with the Quran would be where I have the time to read and memorise it without rushing and constantly checking the clock.  Where I can understand the Arabic, without the need for a translation. Where I am able, and know how to ponder and reflect upon the ayat, and derive the message, benefits from it and apply them to my life. Where I don’t get distracted by other things and or allow these distractions to overtake my time with the Quran.  When I recite Quran, especially in my Salah, I can connect with what’s being said; so that it softens my heart, and I feel humble and in awe of it.

To have a special relationship with my Lord. To be able to memorise easily, and to retain what I have learnt, to stick to my revision schedule and be consistent.

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