Quran Dream #14

Quran Dream #14 | Quran Dreams by Recite & Reflect

Quran Dreams by Recite & Reflect

My relationship with the Qur’an is one that makes me feel alive; every day. It is like a warm blanket; soft, comforting, and yet reminds me of its protective nature against the fierce reality of the cold. That cold has the potential to freeze me into a state of heedlessness, sin, and disbelief. However, the Qur’an is my blanket – wrapping me, protecting me.

The melody that is heard from the reciter of the Qur’an touches the soul. It enters deep than the ear canal and flows steadily towards the heart, filling it with guidance and meaning so that it continues to pump around strong emaan. It is a lifeline. It is the direct link between my Lord and I.

It leaves me satiated but always wanting more. The sweet benefit is just too irresistible.


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