Quran Dream #15

Quran Dream #15 | Quran Dreams by Recite & Reflect

Quran Dreams by Recite & Reflect

I would love to be teaching, learning, reflecting, understanding Allah’s book, in Arabic. I want to act and apply the Qur’an as the Prophet (pbuh) and companions did, and to have it understood; pumping through every vein and cell in my body.

I want my inside to be fully tapped in to the Truth, fully comprehended. I want my heart to speak and understand Allah’s language and guidance, for my limbs to act according to Allah’s guidance, and for my mind, my thoughts and my chest to be expanded and completely aligned to Allah’s words.

I want to have the correct beliefs, actions and thoughts, all in accordance with Allah’s guidance. So Allah is constantly in my heart, obeyed by my limbs, and on my mind. I want to memorise every word, and understand them deeply according to how Allah wants; so that Allah (swt) shines His light through my mind and heart and uses me to teach His book.


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