Quran Dream #16

Quran Dream #16

I see the Quran as my true friend, that I can turn to and share everything with. I share moments with the Quran when I’m feeling, happy, content, anxious, sad or overwhelmed. This same friend, is sitting by my side in A’lam Al-Barzakh (the life of the hereafter), accompanying me. And come the Day of Judgement, the Quran will be holding my hand lovingly, and together we will cross the Sirat. We moved across so fast! And before I knew it, we were standing there smiling; at the entrance of Jannah.

Handsome with this sweet fragrance, and a face no one could ever put into words, you can’t take your eyes of him, but feel bashful when seeing him -The Quran. You held him in the highest esteem.

It is an intoxicating relationship here on earth. You feel so unsettled when not around him, and can never get enough of the melody and delightful feeling of being around these blessed words.

It’s the best experience one can ever have, no money can buy, only privileged to the lover of Al-Quran.


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