Quran Dream #18

Quran Dream #18 | Quran Dreams by Recite & Reflect

Quran Dreams by Recite & Reflect

I dream of being from the special people of Allah, who’ve memorised His Book and teach it to the people daily. I dream of my character reflecting that of the Qur’an: to be soft, gentle and humble in my nature. I envisage my life to revolving around the Qur’an, I recite it in the last 3rd part of the night, also reciting a Juzz daily with understanding and acting upon on it. Little as it may be; but consistently.

I imagine my recitation to be so melodious that the angels love listening to me.

I wish to be remembered by Allah (awj) for loving and reciting the Qur’an. I wish to be a hafidha, inshaAllah. I want to be able to apply the Qur’an to every aspect of my life, and take strength from it when I’m feeling down.


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