Quran Dream #19

Quran Dreams #19

Quran Dreams #19

I want to be so immersed with the words of Ar-Rahman, that EVERY moment of my life, I remember Allah, to myself within my heart, and softly outside; so that I may be of those whom Allah remembers and speaks about to the Angels. For the words of Ar-Raheem to penetrate my heart so that every action I do, I live by the words of Allah. I want the words of Al-Wadud to increase me in love for Him, and in love for our beloved Prophet (pbuh) whose character certainly was Al-Qur’an itself.

I want to have true knowledge of the words of Al-‘Aleem, to inspire myself and others to live the best lives that we can to please Al-Khaaliq – Our Creator.

I want to truly feel every moment in Salah by the words of Al-Hakeem. So much so, that it truly moves my heart to being with my Rabb, that I feel I am not even in this world anymore; for that time I’m engaged in Salah.

Ultimately, I want to be a living Qur’an. For it to be my legacy. For it to be the main driving factor that always brings me back to my Rabb; no matter how tough things may get….
Ya Allah, bring me back to Your words, guide me to giving the Qur’an it’s due rights and protect me from being amongst those who our Messenger (pbuh) will complain about on the Day of Judgement. “And the Messenger has said, “O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Qur’an as [a thing] abandoned.”  Quran (25:30)


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