Quran Dream #20

Quran Dream #20

Quran Dream #20 | Quran Dreams by Recite & Reflect

Quran Dreams by Recite & Reflect

I want to know and to understand, to cherish and to behold, to implement and be able to teach the most sublime word of Allah. How can I have a conversation with Allah if I don’t listen to what He says to me, (awj)? How can I expect — no how can I even hope to have — the special mercy of Allah in the akhirah, the one reserved just for the believers, if I squander the Rahma that has already been sent down?

I want to be able to breakdown at the recitation of the Qur’an, seek refuge from Jahannam whenever the punishment is mentioned and plead for Jannah when its delights are mentioned. I want to be able to do that not consciously, just because I know the Prophet (pbuh) often used to, but subconsciously and sincerely.

I want to be able to read the Qur’an and not realise how much time has gone by, indulging in its wisdom. I want to be able to listen to even the most beautiful recitation of the Qur’an, the most melodious voice and not even be distracted by it, impacted more by the speech of Allah.

I’ve always liked to think that those who are closest and most beloved to Allah don’t just find felicity in the akhirah, they find it too in the dunya. I don’t see any other way to try and attain such a high status in the sight of Allah and find true inner peace except by living and breathing the Qur’an.

I want to have a bookshelf, upon which there are several Qur’ans, whose spines have been worn down not because of mistreatment but because they’ve been used so much.


This is the final post of the series Quran Dreams. May Allah reward all of the sisters for their honesty and increase their love for His book. May He grant every single one of you their Quran Dreams and more. Barak Allahu feekum 🙂 

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