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Quran Dream #5

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Quran Dreams by Recite &Reflect

If I had a perfect relationship with the Quran, I would have exemplary Akhlaq (manners) and ‘Adab (etiquettes) in all situations. I would be an excellent daughter, wife and mother. I would have patience when tested, and I would always have good thoughts of Allah. I would have less worry and grief.

I would yearn for the Akhirah to meet Allah, to see the Jannah and everything that was promised to me.

I would be able to read with tajweed in a melodious voice, I would be able to understand what I am reading and cry when listening to the verses.

My life would revolve around my learning the Quran so much so that it would be occupying most of my thoughts.

Most of all, my heart would be softened.

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