Quran Dreams by Recite & Reflect

Quran Dreams: Describe your ideal relatioship with the Quran

qdreamsOne of my favorite parts of running the Recite & Reflect workshop, [which I’ve taught 6 times, to 100+ sisters, by Allah (swt)’s favor alone], is the part where sisters answer the following question: ‘Describe your ideal relationship with the Quran‘.

It should come as no surprise, but their answers blow me away; every single time. It’s amazing, because particularly as someone who considers themselves a student of the Quran, reading and listening to their goals had a huge impact on me. Their ambitions and hopes were above and beyond my wildest dreams! Although it’s a personal visualization, exploration exercise, the responses were deeply inspiring to me personally, and really pushed the boundaries of what I had wanted form my own relationship with the Quran.

So I’ve compiled (and lightly edited) a few of these and created this new series: ‘Quran dreams’, with the hope of inspiring others inshallah. It’s a series of posts, (20 to be exact), shared daily inshallah, from August 3rd to August 23rd if I’m given life.

The first post begins today.

Bismillah, enjoy 🙂

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