Ramadan Goals

? Set those goals, write them down, make your intentions for what you want to achieve through this plan.

Then write out the things you need to do to now, to make the process streamlined and inshallah more straightforward.
A few prequisites are:

• Creating a detailed schedule for you Quran progress and recitation

• Choosing the books of Tafseer or translation you want to work with.

• Think about affordable charitable items and purchase them: campaigns to support, water for taraweeh, chairs for masjid, giving Qur’ans to family and friends etc.

• Writing up Dua lists (dunya, akhirah, family, Ummah) and set alarms and reminders for the special times to make dua.

• Revise the procedure and reward for wudu, description of the prayer of the Prophet (pbuh), Tafseer of Al-Fatihah.

• Save your playlists for series you’ll be following and set reminders and alarms for live classes you’ll be taking inshallah.

• Increase in thikr, and Athkar to push yourself to be better.

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