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There are so many points to think about and really digest. So, If you’re up for it, join the bookclub and let’s discuss the latest book.

All I need is your e-mail address to add you to the discussion and send you the instructions to access it inshallah. I’m on the personal development journey and tend to read books that I feel will help me along that path.

Open to sisters only. Apologies brothers, not everyone is comfortable sharing in a mixed group.


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The Purification of the Soul

Compiled from the works of Ibn Rajab, Ibn Al-Qayyim & Al-Ghazali

The Purification of the Soul is a good read that discusses: Sincerity, the nature of intention, the types of heart, the four poisons of the heart, seeking Allah’s forgiveness, supplication, praying at night, love of Allah, hope in Allah, fear of Allah and many others.

This book serves as a great reminder and helps you get perspective on things that you once knew but have come to forget over time. Divided neatly into chapters or topics that you can read independently as a reference or in succession.