Tajweed Rule: Ithhar to make it clear August 29, 2016 – Posted in: Quran Clinic

Tajweed Rule Ithhar

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This week we’re looking at the first of the rules of Noon Sakinah & Tanween. It’s called Ithhar, which means to make it clear.

How Ithhar works:

When you find a noon sakinah, (meaning a noon with a sukoon on it), or a tanween (double vowels – an/in/un) followed by one of the 6 throat letters you pronounce that noon or tanween clearly.

The 6 letters are : ء‌ ه‌ ح ‌خ‌ ع‌ غ

Listen to a quick explanation with examples of the Ithhar rule

It’s a very simple rule, that you’re already applying in your recitation. The definition is only given to clarify the mechanics. Don’t worry about memorizing the definition, it’s more important to know how to apply it.

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