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Sincerely, Sumayah

Talking about things I feel strongly about. This is not for everyone and that’s okay. Always with love. Available on most podcast platforms.


Give Yourself What
You Need

You have the ability to meet your own needs. A simple powerful shift towards your personal wellbeing.

what listeners are saying

" I love your’s so real, unique and relatable. I just finished listening to episode 9 on my drive to pick up my kids and I have to say this episode was extremely personal to me and the many wisdoms you were sharing touched me on so many levels. "
Farhiya A.
episode 9
I love the honesty and genuine warmth you radiate in these podcasts. I love everything about them the content, the voice, the tone, everything.
M from London
I've just listened to your creative courage podcast and I'm feeling soooo inspired right now. Alhamdulillah, it was the exact message I needed to hear to bring my pending 'dreams' / passion projects to life.
K from Cardiff
Episode 2
SubhanAllah I’ve been having those worries on my mind for so long so hearing your podcast it was as though you were speaking directly to me!
H from Australia
Episode 2

Featured Episodes

episode 1

It's Okay to Walk Away

It’s true you can’t control how other people behave towards you. But it’s up to you to decide when something isn’t working for you, and whether you want to continue to accept that or not. 

episode 2

Creative Courage

Putting your heart and soul into making something and presenting it to the world is one of the scariest things to do. It isn’t just scary for the first timer, but for every single one of us. 

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