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An Online Workshop to Help you Connect with the Quran

Create a Personal Relationship with the Quran •  Transform Your Life

An interactive self-paced, online workshop that challenges you to rethink the way you experience the Quran.

The Recite & Reflect Online workshop isn’t your typical online Quran course. It’s not for everyone, the workshop is for those who are committed to making the Quran a focal point in their lives. The Recite & Reflect Online workshop is a space where dedicated women come to discuss, learn and engage with the Book of Allah like never before. It’s an experience for students that want to change their perspective, draw closer to the Quran and truly make it their own.  


The Recite & Reflect workshop takes place online, you can join from anywhere in the world.


The online workshop videos is pre-recorded & available on-demand.


Online sessions are available to view at your own pace. There's no pressure to make live sessions.

How Can You Know You're Connecting with the Quran Correctly?

Have you been facing setbacks with learning Arabic and Tajweed?

Have you been making dua for a better relationship with the Book of Allah?

Do you struggle to find a personal connection with the message of the Quran?

Are you looking for a clear path to building a loving relationship with the Word of Allah ?

Are you wondering how you'll manage to spend time with the Quran while juggling all your commitments?

Does making sense of Quran translations and works of Tafseer make your brain hurt?

The Approach You Use Will Either Make or Break Your Relationship with the Quran


Develop a heartfelt relationship with the Book of Allah that touches your soul like never before.


Learn how to ask the right questions and dig deeper by seeing the Ayat in a new way.


You'll have a proven method to connect with the Quran in a personally relevant way.

how will i know if i’m a good fit?

Who is the R&R Online Workshop for?


It's for sisters only, adults that is. Because a key part of the workshop is maintaining a safe space to share and learn.


It's for you if you understand that achieving the results you're after depends on you fully showing up for the process.


It's for you if you're a thinker and you aren't afraid of digging deep to reach the gems.


It's for you if you've decided it's your time to make the Quran your own and you're unwilling to settle for any less.

Topics Covered in the Online Workshop

"The Recite & Reflect workshop made me think deeply about the Quran, in ways that I never really imagined I could. It made me look into myself and ask myself important questions like never before."
Workshop Attendee
"What I enjoyed the most about doing Recite & Reflect exercises in a group was listening to everyone else’s reflections. It’s amazing how much you can derive from a single ayah!"
Workshop Attendee
"The Quran is now mine, I see more than I did before. Insha Allah I will be able to reflect with my kids and teach them how to deeply relate to the Quran"
Workshop Attendee

What People Are Saying About Recite & Reflect

There’s an odd but not uncommon relationship converts develop with the Quran. If we stumble upon it on our own, initially we recognize and fall in love with the universal message. We believe that that Islam is for all people at all times, that it is for me. But then we we begin receiving messages that we can only connect to the Quran in a certain way or we are connecting to the Quran in the wrong way. Maybe we even get the message that we can’t or shouldn’t connect to it much at all since we aren’t knowledgeable enough. I hit a point in the development of my deen where I was frustrated with the barriers, the rigidity and even the exclusion that kept me from maintaining my love for Quran.

Then I found Recite & Reflect. Hassan’s program made me feel comfort to explore and reflect on the Quran again as my own unique person. I don’t feel any judgement in her classes, on the contrary she encourages individuality and personal connections to the content in the surahs and any accompanying materials. I have taken several Recite & Reflect courses and intend to continuing doing so every chance I get. Each class has me coming away feeling better connected to the Quran and thereby feeling better in general, Alhumdulillah.”

Brooke B.

R&R workshop 2016 // morocco

Who is This Workshop Not For?

Mildly Interested

It's not for you if you don't truly understand the value of creating a personal connection to the Quran.


It's not for you if you want to make excuses, don't intend to do the work and think that throwing money at the problem is enough to get results.

Intellectually Lazy

It's not for you if you are looking to be lectured or expecting to be spoon fed reflections and lessons.

Advanced Students

It's not for you if you've studied the sciences of the Quran to a high level or are an advanced student of knowledge.

Over the years I have attended many Qur’an focused lectures, courses and online classes. Alhamdulillah I always took some kind of benefit from them whilst in attendance but as soon as they were over I always ended up back in a state of no real connection with the Qur’an or Allaah (swt).

This changed when I was introduced to Sumayah at Recite & Reflect. Before taking her course I wrongly believed that it wasn’t permissible for a lay person such as myself to approach the Qur’an in such a way. This belief stopped me developing a connection with my Lord. Sumayah has taught me not to be afraid of taking the words of Allaah (swt) and applying them to my own life in a way that is meaningful to me. I would highly recommend courses run by sister Sumayah to anyone who wants to take the Qur’an as something more than just a Book on their shelf.

Michelle V.

R&R workshop 2017 // london

who teaches the workshop?

Sumayah Hassan

The Recite & Reflect Online workshop is taught by Sumayah Hassan, founder of Recite & Reflect. She is the author of 50 Reflections on the Quran, a co-host of Honest Tea Talk and the voice behind the Sincerely, Sumayah podcast. Her work has helped women around the world create a personally meaningful connection to the Quran. 

She’s completed her Bachelor’s degree & MBA, and more recently a Diploma in The Fundamentals of Tafsir & Sciences of the Quran at Cambridge Islamic College. Sumayah teaches online Quranic reflection workshops in which 350+ women have dramatically increased their level of connection and created a soul-nourishing relationship with the Quran. 

What's My Investment?

How much is your current situation costing you?

How long have you been trying or intending to study Arabic so you would finally be able to properly understand the Quran? How many hours have you squeezed out of your overpacked schedule to attend classes or join online sessions for a teacher to correct your recitation? How sincerely do you want to be a role model for your children to learn about and understand the Quran without it seeming forced or like it’s a chore? How many opportunities have you missed out on having a heartfelt connection to the word of Allah (swt)? 

What's inside the R&R Online Workshop?

1-hour classes

One-hour online classes that are pre-recorded to watch at your convenience. That's 8 classes in total.

course videos & resources

You'll have 12 weeks of access to the course videos and materials to digest the content at a pace that feels right for you.

PDF workbook

Download & print the workbook to help you keep up with the workshop material and work on your assignments.

24/7 discussion board

Ask questions, share ideas and thoughts with your classmates to help you get a better grasp on what you’re learning.

Exclusive group

Learn with a group of dedicated like-minded sisters in a discussion style learning environment.

What Makes Recite & Reflect So Different?

Looking for More

The Recite & Reflect program is revolutionary because it teaches you how to progress beyond recitation and learning Tajweed, and create a uniquely personal and profoundly meaningful connection to the Quran. And women that create a deep relationship with the Quran transform their lives.

Connect & Engage

We know how it feels to have repeatedly tried and failed to get the results you desperately want. Our work has proven that once you apply our simple framework, your sense of connection and engagement with the Quran will grow dramatically.

Save Time & Money

It's human nature to feel like giving up when you've spent your time and money trying several different Quran programs with no real progress. The search is over. We've designed the workshop with your busy schedule in mind. Bite-size, easily digestible lessons for maximum impact.

Real & Relevant Experience

Sumayah isn’t a scholar preaching from on high. The six step framework was actually created to help her build a heartfelt relationship with the Quran, and the process resulted in her finding a depth of engagement and sense of connection she'd never found before. Since then, she’s gone on to teach this system to hundreds of women around the world.

Eliminate Confusion

We know how overwhelming it is to feel confused about where to start, and have helped hundreds of women make remarkable progress. And when you discover and apply our simple framework to finding personally relevant meaning in the message of the Quran, your life will transform for the better.

A Simple Six Step Plan

The Recite & Reflect Workshop is taught by Sumayah Hassan, creator of the six steps framework. Sumayah has studied Tajweed, Tafseer extensively and taught Quran for over a decade. As such she is well-versed in how to approach Quranic reflection in a way that is easy and accessible to sisters at all levels.

As a Bonus, You'll Also Get:

4 Full Surah Studies + Worksheets

Get more practice by applying the Six Step method to four additional surahs from Juz' Amma and gain more confidence to reflect on the Quran.

12 Weeks of Access

Go through the workshop materials and watch (and re-watch) the class recordings for three months.



Paid by Paypal or Using A Debit or Credit Card

“Sumayah’s Recite & Reflect workshop was just what I needed to start developing a closer, more meaningful relationship with the Quran. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, considering Ramadan was only days away. The workshops really allowed me to reflect on my relationship with the Quran and take it to a deeper level through tadabbur; something I was quite unfamiliar with at the time.

I never thought I’d find myself getting into the practice of regular Quran reflection through journaling. Sumayah made something that seemed so tedious and difficult become something exciting, realistic and eye-opening. A life-changing experience that everyone needs to sign up for!”


R&R workshop 2018 // australia


What is the Recite & Reflect Online workshop?

It’s a self-paced online workshop designed by Sumayah Hassan, that challenges you to rethink the way you experience the Quran. The workshop is specifically designed to help you connect with the Quran on a personal level: relate it to your everyday life, ask the right questions, derive lessons and come up with the action points that become the first steps of your journey to being transformed by the Quran.

What are the important dates and deadlines?

Registrants will have 12 weeks of access to the course materials and platform starting from the date of enrollment.

do i need to understand arabic or be a proficient reciter of quran to join?

No, you do not have to know Arabic or recite during the workshop. The Recite & Reflect workshop is taught in the English language, using English resources. 

are there any other requirements to join?

The R&R workshop is offered in English. In order for students to get the most out of the experience, the ability to understand, write and read English is mandatory.

How much does the workshop cost?

The full price for the workshop is £200 (British Pounds) and payment is required to confirm your registration. It is offered at a £50 discount for £150 if attendees enroll before May 13th 2022.


No, the fee is a one-time payment. As the workshop is now self-paced, attendees can come back and register when they’re ready insha’Allah.

What type of payments are accepted?

Payments are accepted through PayPal, if you don’t have an account, you still can sign up through PayPal using your Credit/Debit Card.

do you have a refund policy on workshop registrations?

Workshop enrollments are non-transferable and non-refundable. The content of the online workshop is only accessible during the 12 week period of enrollment, failure to participate in the period of enrollment is not grounds for a refund.

who is the workshop for?

This workshop is perfect for individuals, friends, or small groups looking to develop their relationship with the Quran beyond just tajweed and memorization. Come join us and learn how you can benefit from the Quran in ways you didn’t even know were possible.

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