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“One can usually get Tafseer from the books and online, but to get Tadabbur can be very difficult; and Sumayah is giving us a step-by-step process to reflect on the Quran. Alhamdulillah, she teaches you to think critically and come up with benefits and action points to take away from the reflections on the verses. I found that to help with getting the Quran to speak to me.

I used to read and ponder over the verses, but couldn’t get a personal message from it. Alhamdulillah now, using Sumayah’s steps for reflection, helps me connect with the Quran on a day-to-day level. For anyone genuinely wanting to ponder over Allah (swt)’s verses –that’s finding it difficult to connect– this workshop is a good place to start, InshaAllah.” — Umm Mua’adh, London.

“The course was very well planned & organised. It was nice to have assignments etc. The teacher was excellent – very clear & informative.”

“Very enjoyable and productive session. What I enjoyed the most about doing these exercises in a group was listening to everyone else’s reflections. It’s amazing how much you can derive from just an ayah…and hence our different thought processes and what we come up with. It was a very interactive session which I found beneficial for this topic”

“I really appreciated every aspect of this course and enjoyed it all. I liked the way it made me think deeply in ways that I never really imagined. It made me look into myself and ask myself important questions I never have before.”

“The course is great! Very helpful. The Quran is now mine, I see more than I did before. Insha Allah I will be able to reflect with my kids and teach them how to relate to the Quran..I look forward to the Ramadan Reflections. ”

“Jazakillahu khayran Sumayah! You worked so hard to deliver the workshop the way you did, in a good location, really beautiful and professional documents/slides… Love how it was small and personal so everyone could share their thoughts/ideas. Love it all. Most of all the knowledge and wisdoms you’ve shared with us. May Allah make it heavy in your balance of good deeds, ameen. Barak Allahu feeki. So excited to implement what I’ve learnt!”

“Alhamdulillah personally, I really benefited a lot. The six steps of reflection was something that I really liked as I can InshaAllah try and follow it as a guiding point. InshaAllah I just pray that I can implement it from now on.”

“Loved the course; It is helpful to strengthen one’s connection to the Quran. I found it the right length given the objective of the course. I would take this course again in a heart beat. Alhamdulillah for the opportunity.”

“Sumayah, jazakillahu khyran sis. This course moved me in such a way I didn’t expect to. I haven’t been to a course for a while, where I wished the clock would slow down. You introduced me to another stage of my Quranic journey. I pray the doors of tadabbur open for me & us like it did for you.”

“There were no wrong answers, and all contributions were valid. Felt it was something all can try and do well with, so no pressure. Enjoyed it. ”

“I really loved writing my ideal relationship with the Qur’an. It was a good way for me to purify my intentions and start the course off on the right foot. It was personally very insightful, as it’s not something I’ve thought about so deeply before. So, doing the task was a good motivator. I like how the assignments brought different aspects of the course together, and prepared us for the upcoming lessons. The course was very well-structured ma sha Allah, better than I thought it would be. ”

“ The Quran is very dear to me, so I try my up most best to keep it close to me and my life. Any opportunity to do with Quran, I am eager to learn and understand it in more detail. Alhamduillah I took away a lot today, needed the reminder to keep me going. What motivated me the most is sister Sumayah is doing her Quranic studies with her little ones, what’s my excuse? In shaa Allah I pray Allah make it easy for us all to implement what we have learnt today.”

“SubhanAllah, over a good 20 yrs my dedication to and thirst for knowledge, especially with regards to the Qur’an has been neglected. I can’t blame anyone except myself. For many years a have gradually lost the special connection I once had, and today I felt like I was reminded of what it is I once used to do, which is ‘reflect’ and be in complete awe of what I used to read. It used to be bite size, didn’t even think about the rest except for what was in front! After today’s lesson, I feel that I found a lost gem! I need to take it and reflect iA. Jzk sister, you have been the answer to my prayers, SubhanAllah.”

“This week the Quran was made accessible to me for the first time. I don’t need to go through the barriers I have been facing to benefit from the Quranic message. It seems like common sense now, of course reflection is a crucial key to unlock the message. It was staring me in the face but I only now have I realized Alhamdulillah!”