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Most people want a deep connection with the Quran, but are confused about how to get it.

We’ve created a simple system to help you develop a personally meaningful relationship with Allah (swt) and His Book. Our Six Step framework is dedicated to getting you from inconsistency & procrastination to the peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment that comes with living life intimately connected to the Quran.

"I was missing the spirit. I was looking for the Quran that impacts my heart. The Quran that talks to me specifically. The Quran that changes me, from the inside out, into a better human being."

Sumayah Hassan

50 Reflections on the Quran

A collection of brief reflections on the Quran written and compiled by Sumayah Hassan. Available to purchase below as an ebook or paperback edition.


“I’m looking forward to reading it again and again – because it’s one to keep on the nightstand, one to take on travels, one to read on those rainy days – It’s something that can be shared with loved ones, with children, with our parents and our spouses. 

I love when a book is written out of love and fear of Allah, because the reader senses it and it then awakens their own love and fear of the One they love dearly too.”