Quran Dream #7

Quran Dream #7 |by Recite & Reflect |  www.recitereflect.com

Quran Dreams by Recite & Reflect

My day starts with reading the Quran while praying Tahajjud. I reflect on each word while reading it, and truly understand what my Lord is telling me. I like to read it in a melodious voice, and really enjoy my voice echoing.

Then I start my memorization after my Morning Adhkar, enjoying every moment. Whenever I am in the car driving, or dropping off the kids, I recite the verse I am trying to memorise. I speak to my kids about what I’ve learned today and have an in-depth discussion with them, connecting it with our daily life.

I like to listen to the Quran while cooking. I want the Quran’s recitation to be a part of my home. I want my kids to tell me how beautiful Quran is, and not to stop the recitation.

Everytime I pray my Salah, I want to make my recitation long, and really connect with it while praying, so as if Allah (swt) is speaking to me. I study the Tafseer of one surah per week, and listen to various talks on stories from the Quran.

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