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Quran Dream #6

The Qur’an would be the light of my heart. Whenever something happens in my life, or I see events happening around the world, I remember Allah’s words, and my heart responds with the Qur’an.
I wouldn’t be able to live without the Qur’an. Every day, I would spend some time on memorisation, revision, general reading and reflection/contemplation.
The Qur’an would guide my actions, and I would know the words well enough that I remember the ayat when I’m about to make a choice or take action; especially ones that could lead to sin.
The Qur’an would be my direct connection to Allah (awj). With it my heart would open to the conversation with Allah (swt), fully trusting in Him and His management of all affairs.
My connection to the Qur’an, and with it my love for Allah (swt) would increase daily, and I would continuously learn something new from the Qur’an.

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